Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
Environmentally Minded
At County Photos we believe in preserving the environment not only for our future, but for the future of the children we photograph every day.
Carbon Offset
We implemented a policy to offset our carbon footprint in 2013, when we planted 56,000 trees in Co. Roscommon. In 2018 we added over 60 Acres to our existing plantation, and plan to maintain and add to this in the coming years. With over 122,000 trees planted in the last decade, our aim to become carbon neutral by 2030 is well on track.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Since 2018 we have endeavoured to reduce, reuse & recycle as much of our by-products as possible. Along with moving to more environmentally friendly packaging, our office has undergone a deep retrofit, with state of the art, energy efficient heating systems, and LED lighting throughout.
Waste Management
We have implemented an onsite waste sorting facility, reducing our non-recyclable waste by over 75% and have partnered with Barna Waste to handle all of our cardboard recycling, plastics, and other recyclables. We have also installed a state of the art Metafix recovery unit in our print lab to clean all our print chemicals, and ensure that we are meeting and exceeding all of our environmental responsibilities.
Sourced Locally
To support local Irish businesses, we source as much of our products as possible from Irish suppliers and manufacturers. All of our frames are hand made 40km away in Co. Longford from ‘Polcore’ a material manufactured from recycled polystyrene, and every photo mount in our packs is manufactured in Dublin from a 50/50 mix of recycled materials and sustainably grown timber. Along with sourcing locally, we are also reducing our use of plastics over the next 4 years by over 60% in our proof packaging, employing new techniques to bring further environmental efficiency.